Early Childhood Education Class Recycling Champions

Reducing waste has led to sweet success for early childhood and business administration students at Manukau campus. They were treated to a tempting morning tea of muffins and sausage rolls after winning the Paper Recycle Bin competition launched by Office Manager Gina Groshinski. Their tutor Lesley Heather won a kit to create reusable food wraps.

Every honey wrap will save the equivalent of 75 metres of plastic wrap from polluting oceans and landfills. Lesley’s class won the contest by being the first to use a paper recycle bin and to capture the moment on camera.

Students and staff are encouraged to use four new bins dotted around Manukau campus for non-confidential paper. The paper will be sent to a recycling facility to support sustainability.

Lesley says she entered the competition to reduce waste. “I did say to these students to be aware of the impact they have on the environment and there’s a place now for everything.”