Niuean Language Week Celebrations

Today, we celebrated Niuean Language Week at our Royal Oak campus. The theme for this year is “Lay the foundations, give rise to the Vagahau Niue for generations”. Students and staff actively participated in the event.

Our ECE student, Pepe Siligi, showcased some items from the Niuean culture such as le pili, pillowcases, placemats, clothing and handicrafts. 

“Weaving is an important skill that women in Niuean culture possess.  They weave hats and baskets which are usually made from Pandanus” said Pepe. 

Another important skill women from Niuean culture possess is hand embroidery. Pepe showed everyone hand embroidered pillowcases and duvets. 

One of the highlights of celebrating Niuean Language Week was learning how to scrape coconut using a traditional Niuean coconut scraper. Students and staff took turns to try their hand at scraping coconut.
Students and staff also had the opportunity to buy Niuean-made products such as coconut oil, coconut lip balm, coconut soap and Niuean hot chilli.

After the presentation, students and staff indulged in falaoa niu (coconut bread) and takihi made of taro, pawpaw and coconut cream. 

Everyone was extremely happy that they got to experience Niuean culture and its traditions. Sima McCourtie, Branch Manager, thanked Pepe for her hospitality and generosity and for sharing the Niuean culture and traditions with the students and staff members.