Cultural Diversity Day

The students at our Royal Oak campus celebrated Cultural Diversity Day on November 4. 

The campus was buzzing with laughter, joy and celebration as students and staff got together to make this event a big success.

The event kickstarted with a karakia or unity prayer, which was led by Health and Wellbeing Tutor Maria Oxenham. It was followed by a welcome speech by Branch Manager, Sima McCourtie.

“I appreciate the effort put in by you, my students and staff, to make this event a grand success. While we embrace all cultures and respect the diversity around us every day, events like this give us an opportunity to be appreciative and gain more knowledge about different cultures,” said Sima. 

Each class represented a particular culture – right from adorning the classroom with traditional artefacts based on their culture theme, to students dressing up and giving presentations which included performing traditional dance. Everyone actively participated in the event. 

Health and Wellbeing Level 2 represented the Hawaiian culture, while Early Childhood and Education represented the Indian culture. Mental Health and Addiction Support Level 4 represented the Maori culture while Health and Wellbeing Level 3 represented the Pacific Islands. The ILN class represented diverse cultures. 

Future Skills Managing Director, Sam Alavi was the guest of honour for the event. He thanked staff and students for coming together and putting on a wonderful show.

“The culture at Royal Oak is like going into a home - where everybody are family members. And that is something very special about the campus. Activities, like this, are at the core of helping maintain this culture at the campus, which feels like coming home,” he said.

At the end of the presentations, prizes were awarded in three main categories – Best Classroom Cultural Decorations, Best Class Cultural Dress and Best Class Performance.

Best Classroom Cultural Decorations was awarded to all classes for the wonderful decorations they had put up. Mental Health and Addiction Support won the Best Class Performance. Pepe Siligi from Early Childhood and Education, Aselefech Wakjira from Mental Health and Addiction Support and Siale Moimoi from Health and Wellbeing Level 3 won in the category of Best Class Cultural Dress.

The day ended with a shared lunch. Students and staff enjoyed a wide platter of food from the different cultures.