A love for helping others

IMG 7219editedReturning to study as an adult student was a huge undertaking for Antonielle who is a mother of four kids. However, her passion for helping others and making a difference in the community has helped her find the balance. She recently shared her story with us.

“Kia ora my name is Antonielle Wallace. I am a mother of four but a parent of five. My lifestyle since becoming a mother has always been about the love and support of my family and the work that I do as a Youth worker. I have always had an urge to support others and to upskill and better understand the work I that do for the future of our young people. As a Youth worker I have taken this opportunity to reach beyond what I have already achieved and set new goals and new heights for myself.

I am now a student once again after nearly 3 years of being a Kiwi Can Leader and delivering lessons of life values to 5 -12 year olds in in primary and intermediate schools. This was a great opportunity to see our young ones in their element. I have also continued to work with an amazing organisation Youthtown, who have played a huge part in my life and the future that I am working towards to become a Youth Counsellor in Addictions.

I am now studying at Future Skills, in the most amazing and welcoming class ever, Mental Health and Addictions Support Level 4. This class has been great and made me feel welcomed and supported not just by our peers but our supportive tutor Kailash Devan. He has been encouraging and always has time to go over anything you may not understand. I am a people person so communication is great for me. We have plenty of laughs and study in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone has different backgrounds and hail from all over Auckland. We have become a family in our class and we are always connecting with new students who become part of our class and Future Skills.

I am looking forward to completing my course in December but will also miss coming into class and seeing my classmates and catching up with Kailash, our awesome tutor, who greets us with a smile every morning and sometimes a coffee in hand during those cold mornings. This is a great environment for everyone that wants to get back into study without all the negative vibes and the overwhelming thoughts and feelings of 'I can’t do this'.

My class project is on ‘Schizophrenia’. I will do a presentation on what we are learning to understand and how we support those going through mental health problems.

I have always had an interest in how I can make a difference and where I am needed most, so going through this topic I have learnt a lot and I am able to find information that I once wasn’t able to find. I hope with my visual and interactive presentation I can also help others that are in my class to better understand what was once an assumption for many; and now factual and correct information.”