Applying to Future Skills involves a few easy steps. The online application will take approximately 10 minutes. 

We will work through your application as quickly as possible. 

If you would like to discuss your application with someone before completing this form please contact us on 0800 888 001 or email


To qualify as a domestic student, and so be entitled to the Government tuition subsidy, you must be a citizen of New Zealand (including students from the Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue who have New Zealand citizenship) or a permanent resident of New Zealand or a citizen or permanent resident of Australia residing in New Zealand. You must provide evidence of citizenship or permanent residency and to do so you must produce one of the following:
• Birth Certification with place of birth stated as New Zealand, Cook Islands, Tokelau, or Niue.
• New Zealand passport
• A statement of Whakapapa, including date of birth, countersigned by a Kaumatua
• Certificate of citizenship or letter of confirmation
• Overseas passport with residency stamp

You can bring the original documentation to the enrolment desk, alternatively please provide a certified copy. This means a photocopy of your original document, signed as being a true and accurate copy by a Justice of the Peace (JP), Barrister or Solicitor, Notary Public, Court Register or Deputy Registrar, Member of Parliament, Land Transport New Zealand, Public Trust, or local authority employee designated for this purpose. When a learner is in a remote community and unable to access a person listed in the Oaths and Declarations Act, a member of the New Zealand Police, School Principal, Minister of Religion, or General Practitioner is acceptable. 

Please note that your name, date of birth and residency as entered on this application will be included in the National Student Index, and will be used in an Authorised Information Matching programme with the New Zealand Birth Register. For further information please see

1. Programme of Study at Future Skills
*not available for all programmes. Please speak to our enrolment team for details.
2.Personal Details
3. Your Contact Details
Employer name and address (if applicable)
Contact address while studying (if different from permanent address)
4. Next of Kin
First Contact :
Second Contact :
5. Citizenship and Residency
6. Ethnicity
If you identified as New Zealand Maori, what is the name of your Iwi? You may enter more than one Iwi. If you do not know your Iwi, please enter “Don’t Know”
7. Prior Activity
Others :
8. Prior Education
If 'No' what year did you first enrol? (e.g. 1980)
9. Support
Others (Please specify) :
10. Marketing Information
11. IRD Number Collection
Interest Free Student Loans and other Interest Write-offs
Completing your IRD number is voluntary. This is requested so the Ministry of Education can share information with MSD (Study Link) regarding student enrolments. If you choose to provide your IRD number on the enrolment form this will be included with your enrolment details and will be reported to the Ministry of Education
12. Current Study (If Applicable)
Other (please specify):
13. Qualifications and Academic Records
Institution Qualification & Level Year
14. Purpose of Study
15. Supporting Documents
You must submit the following documentation as soon as possible. You can bring in your original documents to our Office to be sighted or alternatively provide us with certified copies via email to
  • Birth certificate OR passport.
  • Proof of address. This is any official document you have received in the mail identifying you and your home address (e.g. bank statement or letter)
  • Bank Account details – those between 16-19 years of age are eligible for a travel subsidy, which is deposited into your bank account

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16. Declaration
Privacy – Future Skills collects and stores information from this form to:
  • manage the business of Future Skills (including internal reporting, administrative processes and selection of scholarship and prize winners).
  • comply with the requirements of the Education Act 1989 and other legislation2 relating to maintenance of records.
  • supply information to government agencies and other organisations as set out below.
In signing the enrolment form you authorise such disclosure on the understanding that Future Skills will observe the conditions governing the release of information, as set out in the Privacy Act 1993, the Education Act 1989 and other relevant legislation. You may see any information held about you and amend any error in the information. To do so, contact student services.
NB: The Privacy Act came into force on 1 July 1993 with the stated aim of protecting the privacy of natural persons. It requires Future Skills to collect, hold, handle, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the twelve information privacy principals in the Act.
Supply of information to government agencies and other organisations.
Future Skills supplies data collected on this form to government agencies, including:
  • the Ministry of Education.
  • the New Zealand Qualifications Authority.
  • the Tertiary Education Commission.
  • the Ministry of Social Development (in relation to student loans and allowances) and Inland Revenue (student loans).
  • agencies who support particular students through scholarships, payment of fees or other awards (if you are a recipient of one of these awards).
Those agencies use the data collected from tertiary education organisations to:
  • administer the tertiary education system, including allocating funding.
  • develop policy advice for government.
  • conduct statistical analysis and research.
Your personal details (name, date of birth and residency) as entered on the form will be included in the National Student Index an d may be used in an authorised information matching programme with the New Zealand Birth Register.
The government agencies above may supply data collected on the form to Statistics New Zealand for the purposes of integrating data with data collected by other government agencies, subject to the provisions of the Statistics Act 1975. Integrated data is used for the production of official statistics, to inform policy advice to government and for research purposes.
In handling data supplied by you on this form, the government agencies are required to comply with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993.
When required by law, Future Skills releases information to government agencies such as the New Zealand Police, Department of Justice, Ministry of Social Development, and the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC).
Information collected on the form may be supplied to other educational organisations for the purpose of verifying academic records.
Fees – In signing this enrolment form you undertake to pay all fees as they become due, and to meet any lawful fees and collection c harges associated with debt recovery. Future Skills’ policy on withdrawal and refund of fees may be obtained from the student services.
Rules – In signing this enrolment form you undertake to comply with the published rules and policies of Future Skills with regard to attendance, academic integrity and progress, conduct and use of information systems.
2. This includes legislation governing the maintenance of official records and for accountability for public funding